Scales of Justice



The "PUBLIC HOUSE" is the late 17th century term which differentiated a tavern or alehouse which was literally open to the public from a private home.  We at THE WIG AND GAVEL hope that you will feel right at home in our "public house".   Established in 2020, sigh...and lol...our mission is to be your local home away from home (easier said than done these days!)  All bar seating has personalized charging ports for all of your electronics or you can kick back with a pint in the lounge area amongst antique books and games.

Located at the corner of Wall and Walnut Streets, just off the Courthouse Square in Downtown Sherman, Texas, we are a law themed vintage English pub.  Many of our furnishings and decorations are either sourced from England or from local antique stores.  With a solicitor and paralegal at the helm, we promise you a fair priced drink and meal along with the occasional lawyer joke!  The gavel will sound at random to announce Happy Hour specials.

Whether you are coming by after a long day at work or for a night out with friends, we've got you covered.  We hope that you'll find a casual laid back atmosphere 98% of the time, but we will apologize in advance for that 2% when the Football, Rugby, Soccer, and Cricket are being televised!  And we can be at odds and remain friends with both Cowboys and Chiefs fans behind the bar.   All fans are welcome, but you might get a heckle or three.  Here's to us showing you that NOT ALL BARS ARE CREATED EQUAL!  Come on in!